AI Audience Development, Automated Content Creation, and AI Programmatic Ad Platform

paTh.media has sought out and partnered with the most cutting edge technology partners in the digital media Creation, Publishing, and Marketing arenas.  paTh.media has partnered with oneQube and Traffic Roots to empower paTh.media to provide the most innovative media publishing networks and programmatic ad platforms.  These dynamic partnerships facilitate multiple additional revenue streams, including monetizing site traffic through Traffic Roots ad placement services and brokering for our brand partners, and a suite of consumer and audience data and marketing services and content creation through oneQube’s innovative platform.

With 80+ years of collective experience in building platforms and businesses that drive results for clients, the oneQube team has perfected a technuology and methodology that will create a passionate audience, reduce costs and deliver ROI.

oneQube’s innovative platform enables us to identify, analyze, optimize and reach your target audience efficiently and effectively.

paTh.media’s Network Audience

Over the past three years paTh.media’s principals and partners have been developing organic audiences.  These audiences give paTh.media a formidable advantage in its initial launch. We have built relationships with our initial target demographics by joining their online communities and leveraging our relationships with influencers in those communities.  Our network of influencers has been embedding into social media groups related to cannabis causes, campaigns, crusades, and businesses. In the CBD vertical alone we have a reach of nearly 200,000 users self identified by their association and participation with these groups as participating with CBD products.

This gives us an initial audience that has consistently exceeded engagement rates of 15%-18%.  With oneQube’s proprietary Audience Management Platform this initial audience will grow into the millions.

When we input our audience data into oneQube’s AMP, we are able to track our audience as they engage with other content, users, and businesses.  The AMP allows us to intelligently market to our audience based on actionable data and ultimately enables paTh.media to create lookalike audiences from their database of over 700,000,000 + unique social media profiles.  The result will build an enormous audience for our content and brand partners.




The oneQube Audience Analytic tool allows us to develop, manage and track our audience data in dynamic databases. oneQube’s automation enhances and graphs our audience attributes in real-time giving us the most recent insights into the who, where and how to reach them. This turns static data into a dynamic marketing asset. This asset alone will undoubtedly give paTh.media a remarkable competitive advantage and will surely be sought after by brands who wish to engage with the cannabis consumer.

That’s only the beginning of the benefits of partnering with oneQube.  By creating these audiences, paTh.media will be in possession of the most comprehensive Consumer Data in the Cannabis Industry, the value of which could ultimately rival the valuation of paTh.media from all other aspects.  Impressive, game-changing and not the end of the benefits to this partnership. oneQub’es ability to track our audience gives us access to who their being influenced by, what content they’re engaging with, what content they’re sharing and with whom.  


This knowledge alone sets paTh.media apart from anyone else in the game.  Now enter oneQube’s AUTOMATED content curation and creation. Seriously, this AI platform LEARNS what content our audience is searching for and engaging with and it creates that content.  Did we mention it learns? So, the more content it creates the more targeted it will be to our ever growing audience

Programmatic Ad Platform powered by Traffic Roots

Traffic Roots is built by a team of industry veterans who know what it is like to count daily impressions in the billions. They bring together Executive Management, Systems Architecture and Javascript Wizardry. Traffic Roots built their self service platform to meet the needs of a wide variety of publishing and media verticals - from traditional, web based campaigns to closed circuit displays to emerging video ads and streaming television markets. With Traffic Roots paTh.media can monetize our traffic.  Any products or services we bring to market through paTh.media’s sites, our Content and Brand partners will be placed in front of the right eyeballs and drive our conversions like never before. Traffic Roots is the optimal partner for paTh.media to break into digital marketing ad space.


Traffic Roots provides publishers with the unique opportunity to monetize their website by getting in front of thousands of advertisers, instantly. We cooked up an algorithm that will generate relevant, high quality ads on your website, specifically chosen for your audience. Whether you’re a leader of the masses or the meeting post for the niche, Traffic Roots provides ads that your visitors will find useful (and your wallet won’t mind it, either).



Traffic Roots programmatic ad platform gives paTh.media the power to monetize our audiences’ engagement with our content.  Additionally, due the intelligence and precision of our Audience Management Platform and given the historical engagement rate of our initial audience, we should be able to leverage the highest ppc and ppm rates in the industry.  With Traffic Roots “bid” ad buy platform, paTh.media’s soon to be coveted ad space can be competed for, and monetized to its greatest revenue potentials.


paTh.media Ad Broker Model


With Traffic Roots, paTh.media also functions as an ad Broker.  Traffic Roots has meticulously developed their ad software to connect paTh.media’s Brand Partners  to consumers with the biggest buying potential for their Brand by engaging consumers on Traffic Roots’ robust network of publisher sites in addition to our paTh.media network.



Provoke Tokes to Fund, Purchase, and for Fun

A New Approach To E-Commerce, Cryptocurrency, Crowdfunding and B2B Financial Services while Monetizing the Gamified Consumer Experience that is at the heart of  paTh.media’s
Content Engagement Strategy



Cryptocurrency Merchant Gateway Integration
Series Class Crowdfunding Implementation
Coin Exchange Deployment



Understanding the Technologies, Capabilities, and Potential of these Network Partners  


What is Tokes

The TOKES Platform is a digital currency project built on the Waves Blockchain in tandem with private blockchains for supply chain provenance. Tokes (ticker: $TKS) serves as a means for businesses to conduct transactions (both consumer and business to business, B2B).  

What Does Tokes Bring to paTh.media

paTh.media has been working with Tokes to integrate their Merchant Gateway into  the paTh.media network. The addition of Tokes will initially offer users the ability to purchase goods and services on the paTh.media Network with Tokes.

Presently users can acquire Tokes from cryptocurrency exchanges (e.g., Bittrex, Waves’ DEX) however,  Tokes objective is to eliminate the difficulty of acquiring Tokes for novice users. This ambition and lack of current methodology creates a great opportunity for paTh.media to distribute Tokes directly from our network sites.


What is Dealbox?

DealBox is professionally vetted, high-opportunity blockchain ventures inside an investor-centric marketplace that informs and empowers crowd investors with IPO-level financial reporting, due diligence data and more.



What Does Dealbox Bring to paTh.media

Dealbox will be  an initial ad-partner promoting their other investment opportunities on paTh.media’s network focusing on the NugNote.com node of sites and it’s cannabis financial market audience.



The Dealbox Investor Platform provides paTh.media the ability to collect Qualified Series A Investments directly from any of the paTh.media sites utilizing The TOKES merchant gateway.  



Dealbox will promote paTh.media’s networks of site to their over 100,000 Certified Investment Managers and robust audience from their Cannaequities site functioning as a network traffic partner as well.


What Can Dealbox and Tokes Together do for paTh.media


Tokes Exchange

Combining Dealbox’s Market Cap Tracking API software and Tokes Distribution platform, paTh.media has the ability to function as a point of distribution for Tokes.

Dealbox API allows paTh.media to have a real time Exchange rate, and Tokes reseller platform which is exclusively being offered to paTh.media, allows our Network to be an exclusive resource to purchase Tokes.



paTh.media Series A Crowdfunding

Combining the Dealbox Crowdfunding platform and the Tokes Merchant Gateway paTh.media will have the ability to offer it’s Series A investment opportunity directly through the path.media sites exclusively with Tokes.