What is the paTh.media Network?


The paTh.media Network will launch with over 500 Cannabis and CBD Keyword Specific Domains controlling the digital real estate touching every vertical in the cannabis industry.  The Content deployed on these sites will divert traffic to the Network.


So How are the Sites Networked together?


paTh.media is leveraging a WordPress Multisite Network.  One software installation, one instance for each custom plugin, and one central API integration can manage literally millions of sites from content publishing, to e-commerce, even paTh.media’s technology platforms all in one dashboard that is customized for each of our Network and Brand Partners.


What about paTh.media’s Network of Brand and Relationship Partners?

paTh.media’s principals have spent the last half a decade immersed in the Cannabis Industry. With every strategic partnership, collaborative effort, and joint venture our Network Partners benefit from being plugged in to paTh.media’s vetted and trusted circle of partners.


So You’re Launching or have launched a New Company, Brand, or Product in the Cannabis Space, Why not use your own individual site?  Why join paTh.media’s Partner Network?


When it comes to the Cannabis Consumer and more specifically the Cannabis Culture as that is what moves the Cannabis Consumer more often than not, it’s about developing an audience, capturing their attention, and leveraging that attention into action: Participating with the Brand, Product Purchases, or

Content Engagement.  With paTh.media’s Domain Real Estate, Content Marketing Strategy and Technology Partner’s The Cannabis Culture Audience is in our reach.


So, paTh.media is Getting Ready to Launch.  What kind of Audience Does paTh.media have?


Over the past three years paTh.media’s principals and partners have been developing organic audiences.  These audiences give paTh.media a formidable advantage in its initial launch. We have built relationships with our initial target demographics by joining their online communities and leveraging our relationships with influencers in those communities.  Our network of influencers has been embedding into social media groups related to cannabis causes, campaigns, crusades, and businesses. In the CBD vertical alone we have a reach of nearly 200,000 users self identified by their association and participation with these groups as participating with CBD products.